MSTA SE Region Event Routes

Routes for this events are updated prior to the event

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There are tracks included with the routes. If your GPS will accept tracks they can be very useful in the event that your route navigation does not follow the route.   Just follow the track.

This page was updated on July 3, 2019

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These are suggested routes for the Big Lynn MSTA event


If you have problems with these downloads contact

Doug Pippin 828-490-8529 or doug.pippin@bellsouthnet

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Big Lynn GPS and Printable Routes


GPX route files


Paper Printable Routes

Note for Paper Routes

Download the file and print the routes you want and bring to the event.

There will not be any paper routes available at the event.

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The BLL ADV route is in two parts

Do not recalculate part1, as there is a section that will not navigate with Garmin maps.

Just follow the track for part1.  Part2 will navigate and can be re-calculated


Most of these routes have been changed or updated as of July 2, 2019

There are also some new routes for 2019

If you’ve previously downloaded them you may want to download them again

If you’d rather explore some of the attractions in the area instead of riding the routes I’ve included an “Explore” route with waypoints to some of the interesting attractions in the area.

In the preview above just select and de-select the route to view it in Goggle maps.

Click on the links below to preview the
2019 Big Lynn Routes with Google Maps


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157 Loop                                                         157 miles


267 Loop                                                         267 miles


3 states 2 routes                                     268 or 313 miles


5000 Curves                                                    215 miles


Asheville Loop                                                  222 miles


Erwin Loop                                                      194 miles


Mt Mitchell Loop                                               133 miles


South 212                                                       212 miles


South 186                                                       186 miles


Twisty West 6 routes various mileages                     various


Explore the Area                                                  various


ADV Motorcycle Route                                149 miles total


Note for the ADV route

Do not recalculate part1, as there is a section that will not navigate with Garmin maps.

Just follow the track for part1.

Part2 will navigate and can be re-calculated

There are now two south routes.

Both of these routes have a short section (.6) miles of dirt road near Lake Adger.

The dirt road is smooth with no loose gravel. Don’t let this prevent you from riding one of these great routes with many twisty roads, very little traffic and great mountain views.


South 212 is in two parts. This route goes up to the Skyuka overlook.  The route is in two parts.  It also travel up Green River Cove road that has some extreme switchbacks near the top of the road.  There is often a lot of traffic with kyak and raft vehicles on this road.

If you want to avoid this road don’t turn right onto Green River Cove road. Instead continue straight for .7 miles and turn right on Holbert Cove road. You’ll end up at the same place when you get to the top. A track for this detour is included.


South 186 uses Holbert Cove road and does not go up to the Syuka overlook.