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This page was updated on January 25, 2017


If you are registered for the MSTA Fall Colors Rally both printable paper routes and GPS coordinates are now available


If you’re not pre-registered click the link below then click on the pre-registration link near the bottom of the page




If you have problems with these downloads contact

Doug Pippin 828-684-8488 or d_pippin_89@bellsouthnet


If you have questions about the Fall Colors Rally
contact event coordinator


Syd Mayes 804-265-8636 or touringman5@gmail.com

Text Box: GPS routes and printable routes are available for pre-registered event participants.

Download the routes with the links below.

2017 Fall Colors

Google Maps Route Preview


Click on the links to see the maps


Route 1                                                  225 miles


Route 2                                                  294 miles


Route3  select route A thru E on map        Various miles


Route 4                                                  302 miles


Route 5                                                  334 miles


Route 6                                                  269 miles


Route 7  under the bridge                            236 miles


Route 8  under the bridge                            194 miles


Route 9                                                  220 miles


Route 10                                                 215 miles


Route 11                                                231 miles


Route 12                                                208 miles


Route 13                                                245 miles


2017 Fall Colors GPS Routes


Garmin GPS Routes


2017 Fall Colors Printable Routes


Text Box: All of the routes have been updated or changed for 2017
Route 3 has 5 mileage variations. Just select how many miles you want to ride.
Route 5 has been modified to avoid the rough road sections people encountered previous years
Route 7 and 8 go across the old New River bridge down at the river level providing a spectacular view of the famous New River bridge from below.
Route 9 has a stop at Pipestem Resort State Park. A good place for lunch.
Routes 9 and 11 use some more southerly roads & was new for 2016.
Routes 12 and 13, south and west are new for 2017.