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Doug’s North Georgia Route Collection

Very Important Read the Instructions Below

All the route files have been updated for the 2022 event


Instruction To Download Routes and GPS configurations so the downloadable GPS files will work in your Garmin GPS


Each of the routes now contain two formats.
Just select the one you need (see below)


Zumo XT, 390, 490 and 590 series, BMW Nav 5 & Nav 6 that use the Trip Planner App
Very Important- Use only routes with "TP" suffix in the name


Zumo 450 550 660 series and older,  BMW Nav 4
use only routes WITHOUT the "TP" suffix in the name

All the routes for this event have been changed or updated for 2022


Click here to Download the new routes


Each GPX file contains TWO route versions


1. A conventional version with Way and Via points for Garmin zumo 450 550 660 and earlier models, BMW Nav 4 and other GPS brands

2. A "Trip Planner" version designated by a "TP" suffix at the end of the route name. This version uses mostly shaping points for compatibility with Garmin zumo XT, 390, 490 and 590 series, as well as BMW Nav5 and Nav6. Be sure to use the TP version if you have one of these models or any Garmin GPS that uses the Trip Planner App

All of these years routes have been modified for current road conditions


All routes were created with City Navigator North America NT 2022.25 Garmin maps

Be safe and have fun

Text Box: Preview the NGC Routes in Google Maps using the links above.


These routes are for the North Georgia Classic MSTA event


If you have problems with these downloads contact

Doug Pippin 828-490-5012 or

Doug’s Georgia Route Preview


Click on the links to see the maps


Brasstown Bald Loop                                    100 miles


2 Lunch Loop                                              150 miles


3 States loop                                              220 miles


Deals Gap Loop                                           250 miles


East Loop                                                   240 miles


Cherohala Loop                                           254 miles


Deals Gap + Cherohala Loop                         315 miles


Cherohala + Dams Loop                               290 miles


Joe Brown Loop                                          165 miles


Short & Twisty                                            122 miles


Tellico Loop                                                256 miles


ADV Route 01                                             192 miles


ADV Route 02 (shorter version of Rte 01)        126 miles


ADV Route 03                                             265 miles

Doug’s Georgia

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Doug’s Georgia

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