Text Box: Please read all of the information above to ensure that your GPS routes will navigate properly.

The tracks for the routes you download are included in the file.
They’re very useful in the event that your route navigation does not follow the route.   Just follow the track.

This page was updated on May 22, 2019

TriStar GPS Routes


Garmin GPS Routes


TriStar Printable Routes


Printable Routes


If you have questions  regarding these routes contact Doug Pippin



Text Box: Download the routes with the links below.

Tristar DS/ADV GPS Routes




The dual sport/ADV routes are tracks only as some of the trails will not navigate with GPS

Just load the tracks and follow.

If you have question regarding these routes contact Galen Diehl

gediehl4@comcast.net or 276-340-1173


Both printable paper routes and GPS coordinates are available


If you have problems with these downloads contact

Doug Pippin 828-490-8529 or doug.pippin@bellsouthnet


If you have questions about the Tristar Rally
contact event coordinator


Geoffrey Greene 865-659-4755 or hawkgtrider@aol.com